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The name Sympoiesis will be explored in a later post, but the summary is;

Poiesis → The act bringing something into being that did not exist before, the creation of something radically new.

Sym ‘With’, ‘Together’

Sympoiesis →  The creation of something radically new in a cooperative fashion. 

When we talk about poiesis, there are typically quite mystical connotations; from the uncovering of something sublime to the act of creation ex nihilo itself. Seeing as my personal inclinations tend towards traditions of thought which are pre-modern, post-modern or just illiberal in some manner, my thinking is quite eidos orientated, in the use of the word as both essentiality and species, which is to say as form, in the Aristotelian sense. Naturally, this all lends itself to a position that is opposed to such things as individualism, the reign of quantity, and seeks that which can re-enchant the world and affirms the anagogic.

It’s no wonder that those who are of a similar persuasion are obsessed with aesthetics, with the creation, cultivation and display of beautiful things. The age of modernity is inherently disordered, haphazardly subjects everything of real quality to the cold gaze of utility, and so unsurprisingly as produced this ugly world of ataxia riddled with various kinds of malaise.

So, this blog will be dedicated to exploring the nature of said malaise, its generation and proliferation, its various victims, and perhaps even the proper way to force something worth radically affirming from out of it. Yet, in doing so I will not be alone in my endeavor in the least, and so we might say that this blog is itself participates in sympoiesis.

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  1. Hey, it’s Mr. Geocon here. Are you still out there? I’d like to talk to you some time.

    1. Sure man, apologies for the late reply but I’d be more than happy to chat!
      Twitter dms are always open — I rarely check my email or the blog unless I’m writing or have just written something

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